We like Southern Gospel and, we assume, you do too because you're visiting this website. However, we realized that we often missed some local concerts because we didn't know when they were scheduled and couldn't find a good source for that information. So, to satisfy our own needs, we created a schedule of local concerts from a variety of sources including the web, magazines, local newspapers, and the concert sponsors. Soon, our friends found out about it and asked to be updated via email so they could keep track of local concerts as well.

Later, we noticed that Southern Gospel fans were also looking for a source of tickets. Yes, they were available from the normal outlets, but sometimes that required checking back every few days to find out when the tickets were available. And of course, there are those handling fees on top of the ticket prices ...

Now, we're trying to expand visibility of Southern Gospel in the Portland Area as well as throughout the Northwest. On this website, we've brought together information on Southern Gospel concerts in the Greater Portland Area, information on getting tickets to ticketed events with minimum added fees, links to Southern Gospel resources such as Southern Gospel groups, Southern Gospel conventions, Southern Gospel magazines, Southern Gospel radio, and more.

In addition, we hope to create even more interest in Southern Gospel here in the Northwest and, thereby, get more groups to come our way.

We hope you find this website both informative and entertaining. We welcome your comments as well as suggestions on how we can make it even better!

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Information contained on this website is gathered from a variety of sources. While we have verified this information to the best of our ability and believe it to be accurate, we cannot guarantee it's accuracy. Further, we assume no responsibility for actions or results based upon this information. We welcome all comments and corrections and will either correct the information as soon as it is verified or remove it from future updates of the website.

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